The Couples

  1. Charlie Rivera is married to Anna Garica
  2. Aaron Brewer is married to Savannah Kinkirk
  3. Virgil Ochoa is dating Emma Rivera
  4. Nolan Huston is dating Alice Rivera
  5. Daniel Camden is endgaged to Cindy Baldwin
  6. Michael Camden is dating Becky King
  7. Owen Johansen is dating Olivia Kinkirk
  8. Randy Rivera is dating Zoey West
  9. Steph Hampton is dating Kayla Palmer
  10. Eddie Clark is dating Victoria Kinkirk
  11.  Ian Brewer is dating Rebcca Camden
  12. Thomas Camden is dating Destiney Hamilton
  13. Gavin Camden is dating Chelsea Searles
  14. Noah Kinkirk was in a love triangle with his ex Holly Doyle and his best friend Justin Miler and now date Rachel Hampton
  15. Justin Miler is dating Holly Doyle
  16. Trevor Plamer is dating Catlin West

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