T-Bone (real name Theodore), played by Colton James, joined the show in season 11. He works at the movie theatre at the promenade. T-Bone's dad is reportedly dead and his mother is an escort who leaves town, leaving T-Bone alone. T-Bone breaks into the church to sleep before being taken in to live with the Camdens. Ruthie and T-Bone kiss and start a relationship which pleases Annie and Eric because they like T-Bone. Ruthie decides she is ready for sex and proposes this to T-Bone which makes him nervous. He talks to Kevin, and Ruthie gets a talking to from Annie before they both decide they aren't ready for sex. Rutie and T-Bone both get tattoos. Later in the season T-Bone finds out his father isn't dead and he heads off with the Camdens in their trailer to reunite with his dad in the series finale.

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