Simon Camden

Portrayed by David Gallagher

David Gallagher as Simon Camden
Episode Count
197 episodes
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Simon Camden
Bank of Simon, Virgin Camden
Family Members
Eric Camden (father), Annie Jackson-Camden (mother), Matt Camden (brother), Mary Camden-Rivera (sister), Lucy Camden-Kinkirk (sister), Ruthie Camden (sister), Sam and David Camden (brothers), 7 nieces and nephews

Simon Camden (b. 1986) is a fictional character on the WB Television Network's most popular television series 7th Heaven. He is originally from the fictional town of Glen Oak, California.

Early Life Edit

Simon is the fourth child of Eric Camden and Annie Camden. While not in college, he attends Glen Oak Community Church, of which Eric Camden is the pastor. In the early part of his childhood, he was well known to his siblings as "The Bank of Simon" because he always seemed to have money. He used to also be very fascinated with The Tick and Baphomet.

He was the one who had originally wanted to get the family dog, Happy; however, in a later episode, a child saw Happy on TV and wanted her back. At the resolution of that show, the Camdens still got to keep her. He is protective of his little sister, Ruthie.

It was a rough transition for sensitive Simon into high school even though his older sister Lucy helped him meet new people. At the beginning of the summer before his senior year, Simon "kills" Paul Smith, a young Glen Oak boy, in an automobile accident. The death is ruled accidental since Paul was on drugs and not wearing a helmet and Simon is not brought up on criminal charges. Despite this, someone vandalizes the church with graffiti that reads: "THOU SHALL NOT KILL." He goes on a trip to the beach with his family during the same summer, but he cannot escape the pain that he feels and he blames himself for Paul's death. Fearing that the boy's brother would retaliate, Simon left school early and started college a year early.


Simon had 3 serious girlfriends, Deena, Cecilia, and Rose. He has slept with Sandy and several other women. He did not sleep with Rose initially, because he made a promise with God (when he was afraid that he might have gotten himself an STD) not to sleep with anyone else until a serious relationship. Once they got engaged, Rose did mention how happy she was to be having sex in a committed relationship.

While in college, he broke the family edict of not having sex before marriage by having sex before he was married. After a scare involving the impregnation of a girl Georgia (it was later revealed that she only made the claim so Simon would stay with her) he met Rose. Rose loved Simon very much, though Simon was unsure whether or not he loved her the same. They got engaged and planned a wedding. After a long engagement, they decided to not get married during the wedding because neither was ready for marriage yet and Rose still had feelings for an ex-boyfriend.

Simon wants to become a famous producer and a creator of tv shows and movies.

Biography Edit

Season 1 Edit


During the first season, Simon is introduced as an extremely inquisitive ten-year-old. After his grandmother's death, he drives everyone crazy with the question, where is heaven? We also find out in the halloween episode that he is the reigning pumpkin-carving champion.

Mid-season Aunt Julie comes to stay. The family finds out that she is a alcoholic when she hurts Simon. In another episode, Simon makes the whole family believe he can turn invisible. He also helps Ruthie to learn "The Star Spangled Banner," without much success. When Matt and Mary throw a party and Happy gets run over by a car, Simon blames Matt. But once Happy is better, all is forgiven.

In the series finale Simon convinces Lucy to dye her hair blonde. But he gets in trouble when it doesn't turn out as well as he thought.

Season 2 Edit


In season two, Simon wants to move out of the room he shares with Ruthie into the attic, but he gets scared into staying by Matt and Ruthie. He gets in trouble at school for cutting his chicken with a butter knife. When Matt catches Simon and Ruthie snooping in his private letters to his girlfriend, Heather, he sets a trap saying that he and Heather eloped. But the joke backfires when Eric reads the letter. After reading the letter, Simon and Ruthie tell Mary about how Matt tells Heather that he loves her, which results in Mary trying to get her boyfriend, Wilson to tell her he loves her. Simon also tries to convince Matt that he is shrinking. But Matt finds out and the joke backfires. Simon has a friend, Stan who's sister is in a gang. She hides weapons under Stan's bed, which means he gets nightmares. When Stan stays the night and has nightmares, he tells Simon, who gets his dad to help. Simon helps to bust Ruthie after she draws on their bedroom wall. He also befriends a holocaust survivor, and gets her to share about her experiences during the war.

Mid-series Simon decides he wants to be a magician, but when the Colonel arrives for a visit he changes his mind. Simon also gets invited to his first "make-out" party. But gets caught in the act! Simon once again contemplates moving into the attic. In one episode he finds a abandoned little girl and the whole Camden family tries to find her parents.

In the series finale Simon enters Happy into a commercial contest and they win! But Happy's original owners see the commercial and want her back.

Season 3 Edit

In season three, the family all pitches in to make a car for Matt, but Simon doesn't want to help. He also pays Ruthie to pass a test, after she'd been failing to get her mothers attention. After seeing a teacher get in an argument with a parent, Simon feels bad for getting him fired, so he enlists his dad's help. He also tries riding the bus, but quickly decides against it. When his girlfriend, Deena's, ex, Johnny, shows up at school, he threatens to shoot Simon. The matter is resolved when Johnny shows up at the church and shoots Eric. Simon tries babysitting Ruthie, but it doesn't turn out too well...

In the mid-season Christmas episode, when Ruthie finds out that Matt is Santa, Simon has to try to restore her Christmas spirit. He also finds out that his father counselled Deena when she had leukemia. On his 3 month anniversary with Deena, he tries to find the perfect gift, but ends up just exasperating his friend, Nigel.When Annie is pregnant, Simon is desperately praying for a brother so that when Matt leaves he won't be the only boy in the house. His prayers succeed when he gets not one, but two baby brothers. Simon also uses Mary to try to get him onto the baseball team, but it backfires when she gets him a job as the equipment manager. He and Ruthie get jobs as paper kids. They enlist Mrs. Binks help to deal with their troublesome boss. When Simon goes on his first date with Deena, he brings along Lucy to accompany Deena's brother.

In the series finale Simon gets kissed by Deena's cousin and freaks out. In the end Deena tells him it was a test. After admitting it was a test Ruthie catches Deena and Simon kissing in the bedroom.

Season 4 Edit


In season four, Simon gets a new haircut and a new attitude. After his dad has a heart attack and Matt moves out Simon takes over as "man of the house" despite teasing from his siblings. Simon starts cooking class so that he can have a class with Deena, but wants to back out when he finds out that he's the only guy. A classmate, Beth, has a crush on Simon, he tries to let her down gently, but with hilarious results. Eric finds marijuana on a friend of Simon's. He then helps his father to stop the addiction and get help. When Aunt Julie goes into labor, Simon is out to dinner with Mary and they have to rush home, leaving Simon's older female admirer. He is in big trouble when he is caught "giving the finger" after school by the principal and his parents. After Mary is arrested, Simon and Ruthie both feel really guilty for knowing about what she was doing and not telling anyone.

Mid-season While trying to earn extra credit, Simon witnesses some guys huffing spray paint and doesn't tell anyone. One of the boys goes to hospital, and the mother blames Simon. Simon goes over to Matt's apartment to hang out, but Matt is too busy moping about Shana to have time for Simon. Simon and Deena fight, but in the end thy work everything out. For a project, Simon and Nigel experiment with buying cigarettes, but they go too far and actually smoke them. Simon befriends a boy who is picked on because he has Tourettes syndrome. Eric steps in and helps him and his father. In the Valentine's Day episode Simon and Deena give each other love bites and get in pretty big trouble for it. Deena's father doesn't let Simon see her again until he rings him and apologizes.

In the series finale Deena dumps Simon because she is moving back east.

Season 5 Edit


In season five, Simon starts high school and has a hard time fitting in. In an attempt to fit in, he helps Lucy with her campaign for homecoming queen. Simon has a date with a sophomore, but Matt ruins it when he doesn't pick him up. In a desperate attempt to change his image, he pierces his ear. When Mary moves away, Simon uses the popularity from her bad image to get himself a date with two "bad" girls. Still trying to fit in, he makes friends with a group of guys who insult Lucy and Annie.

Mid-season Lucy finds a condom in a wallet which is in the wash. The family thinks it is Robbie's, but it's actually Simon's, who is thinking about having sex. After realizing that he's not ready to have sex with his girlfriend, Simon tries to break up with her, but Annie intervenes. After Annie tells his ex girlfriend's mother that Simon is a virgin, word gets around school, giving him the nickname "Virgin Camden." He frequently gets asked on dates after.

Season 6 Edit

Simon has developed a new attitude because he wishes to be "treated like a man." He gets caught hitchhiking, and Eric tells him he can't take driver's ed until he changes his attitude.

Family Edit



Marital statusEdit

  • Unknown. Simon nearly married Rose, but they did not go through with the wedding. Later, in And Away We Go, Ruthie hinted that Simon had gotten married, although it was never stated to whom he may have gotten married.

Other relativesEdit

Significant othersEdit

  • Deena Stewart (dated)
  • Cecilia Smith (dated)
  • Georgia Huffington (dated)
  • Sandy Jameson (one night stand) 
  • Rose (dated and almost married)
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