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Simon Camden

Portrayed by David Gallagher

David Gallagher as Simon Camden
Episode Count
197 episodes
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Simon Camden
Family Members
Eric Camden (father), Annie Jackson-Camden (mother), Matt Camden (brother), Mary Camden-Rivera (sister), Lucy Camden-Kinkirk (sister), Ruthie Camden (sister), Sam and David Camden (brothers), 7 nieces and nephews

Simon Camden (b. 1986) is a fictional character on the WB Television Network's most popular television series 7th Heaven. He is originally from the fictional town of Glen Oak, California.

Early Life Edit

Simon is the fourth child of Eric Camden and Annie Camden. While not in college, he attends Glen Oak Community Church, of which Eric Camden is the pastor. In the early part of his childhood, he was well known to his siblings as "The Bank of Simon" because he always seemed to have money. He used to also be very fascinated with The Tick and Baphamet.

He was the one who had originally wanted to get the family dog, Happy; however, in a later episode, a child saw Happy on TV and wanted her back. At the resolution of that show, the Camdens still got to keep her. He is protective of his little sister, Ruthie.

It was a rough transition for sensitive Simon into high school even though his older sister Lucy helped him meet new people. At the beginning of the summer before his senior year, Simon "kills" Paul Smith, a young Glen Oak boy, in an automobile accident. The death is ruled accidental since Paul was on drugs and not wearing a helmet and Simon is not brought up on criminal charges. Despite this, someone vandalizes the church with graffiti that reads: "THOU SHALL NOT KILL." He goes on a trip to the beach with his family during the same summer, but he cannot escape the pain that he feels and he blames himself for Paul's death. Fearing that the boy's brother would retaliate, Simon left school early and started college a year early.


Simon had 3 serious girlfriends, Deena, Cecilia, and Rose. He has slept with Sandy and several other women. He did not sleep with Rose initially, because he made a promise with God (when he was afraid that he might have gotten himself an STD) not to sleep with anyone else until a serious relationship. Once they got engaged, Rose did mention how happy she was to be having sex in a committed relationship.

While in college, he broke the family edict of not having sex before marriage by having sex before he was married. After a scare involving the impregnation of a girl (it was later revealed that she only made the claim so Simon would stay with her) he met Rose. Rose loved Simon very much, though Simon was unsure whether or not he loved her the same. They got engaged and planned a wedding. After a long engagement, they decided to not get married during the wedding because neither was ready for marriage yet and Rose still had feelings for an ex-boyfriend.

Simon wants to become a famous producer and a creator of tv shows and movie




Marital statusEdit

  • Unknown. Simon nearly married Rose, but they did not go through with the wedding. Later, in And Away We Go, Ruthie hinted that Simon had gotten married, although it was never stated to whom he may have gotten married.

Other relativesEdit

Significant othersEdit

  • Deena Stewart (dated)
  • Cecilia Smith (dated)
  • Georgia Huffington (dated)
  • Sandy Jameson (one night stand) 
  • Rose (dated and almost married)
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