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Sandy Jameson is the mother of Aaron Jameson Brewer, her son with Martin Brewer. Sandy is a friend of Rose, Simon Camden, Ruthie Camden, and Lucy Camden. While Sandy was pregnant she decided to become a Christian, and after the birth of her son she wanted to become a minister. Sandy met Martin through Simon the summer between seasons 9 and 10, when Martin went to visit Simon at school. The two had sex the first day they met. After this encounter things were awkward between the two of them. Martin began to ignore Sandy, which forced her to go to Glen Oak to confront him and to tell him she suspected she was pregnant.

After the pregnancy became public things were very intense between them. Martin didn't wanted to be bothered with Sandy or the baby. The only way Sandy's could come face-to-face with Martin was by happening to run into him, as well as the birth of their son. After the birth of their son, Martin came to his senses and became more involved in Sandy's and his son's lives. In season 11, Martin believed he should marry Sandy, but she only wanted him to be the baby's father and a friend.

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