Ruthie Camden

Portrayed by Mackenzie Rosman

Episode Count
First Appearance
Anything you want
Last Appearance
And Away We Go
Snookie (by Robbie Palmer)
Student (1997-2007)
Movie theater employee (2007)
Family Members
Eric Camden (father)
Annie Jackson-Camden (mother)
Matt Camden (brother)
Mary Camden-Rivera (sister)
Lucy Camden-Kinkirk (sister))
Simon Camden (brother)

Julie Camden-Hastings (paternal aunt)
Hank Hastings (uncle)
Erica Hastings (cousin)
Kevin Kinkirk (brother-in-law)

Sarah Glass-Camden (sister-in-law)
Carlos Rivera (brother-in-law)
Martin Brewer(best friend)
S1 to S11


Ruthie Camden, born 1990 is the youngest daughter of Reverend Eric Camden and Annie Camden. She is portrayed by Mackenzie Rosman. She attends the Glen Oak Community Church, which is her father's church. During her youth, she is portrayed as the family sneak (usually known far more than everyone else in the house due to her ability to be in right place at the right time). Ruthie ages quickly over 7th Heaven's run, so that she starts elementary school with Simon, presumably at the age of five, near the end of the first season, but by the end of the tenth season she is as old as the actress who plays her and is seventeen years old. Ruthie has always been portrayed as mature for her age, and is the curly-haired baby of the family until Sam and David are born.


Ruthie is named after her paternal grandmother, Ruth Camden. During her early and middle childhood, she is portrayed as the rather precocious family sneak. She ages rapidly over the show's run, beginning Kindergarten during the first season and ending the series graduating a year early at age 17. She dislikes being called Ruth, even insisting that teachers call her Ruthie. She and Simon have lots of fun together as children, and become very close as they move toward maturity. Ruthie is the only one of  the Camden children to briefly attend a private school; she leaves it in protest after her friend Yasmine is denied admission because she is a Muslim. During her freshman year of high school, she develops feelings for Camden houseguest Martin Brewer, and even tells him she loves him. In her sophomore year of high school she slathers on makeup and dates older boys in the hope that this would lead to a relationship with Martin; she veers toward self-centeredness and superficiality and seems to drop female friends in favor of male friends during her teen years. After her graduation, she joins the whole family (along with T-Bone and the other Camden house guests) for an RV road trip, which includes a stop at Simon's college graduation. 


Annie Camden (mother)

Eric Camden (father)


Matthew "Matt" Camden (brother;born 1980)

Mary Camden-Rivera (sister;born 1982)

Lucy Camden-Kinkirk (sister;born 1983)

Simon Camden (brother;born 1987)

Samuel and David Camden (Brothers,twins 1999)