This is a list of families that have appeared on 7th Heaven.


1. Colonel John Camden
+ m. Ruth
 2. Eric Camden
 + m. Annie Jackson
  3. Matt Camden
  + m. Sarah Glass
   4. James Camden
   4. John Camden)
   4. Ruthie Camden
  3. Mary Camden
  + m. Carlos Rivera
   4. Charles "Charlie" Miguel Rivera
   4. Emma Rivera
   4. Grace Rivera
  3. Lucy Camden
  + m. Kevin Kinkirk
   4. Savannah Kinkirk
   4. Eric Kinkirk
  3. Simon Camden
  3. Ruthie Camden
  3. Sam Camden
  3. David Camden
 2. Julie Camden
 + m. Hank Hastings
  3. Erica Hastings
  3. Unknown Hastings
 2. George Camden (adopted)


1. Charles Jackson
+ m. Jenny
 2. Annie Jackson (see above)

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