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This is a list of characters from The WB/The CW (1996-2007) family drama, 7th Heaven.

Main CharactersEdit

Other Main CharactersEdit

  • Robbie Palmer (Adam LaVorgna) - Mary's and later Lucy's boyfriend. He resided in the Camdens' residence for a while when he became homeless. He first came into the show when he met Mary through Community Service, when they were both sentenced to clean up trash. He left the show under dubious circumstances.
  • Shana Sullivan - (Maureen Flannigan) is one of Matt's major girlfriends, who eventually decides to go to New York University (NYU). The resulting long-distance relationship between Matt and Shana fails.
  • Cecilia Smith (Ashlee Simpson) - Simon's girlfriend who later dates Martin. She later dumps Martin because he loved her but she was not sure she felt just as strongly. Another reason which is not very clearly shown might be that she thought Simon was returning-whereas he only came for vacations-and they might get back together (because it would no longer be a long-distance relationship). When Simon came home at the end of season eight, it was vaguely revealed that their relationship did not work out because over the summer Cecilia went away to college, and it was only when Simon began dating and having pre-marital sex with Georgia in season nine that it was revealed that they had broken up.
  • Peter Petrowski (Scotty Leavenworth) - a neighbor to the Camdens and Ruthie's friend (and later her on again and off again boyfriend), Peter is the son of Vic and Paris.
  • Dr. Chandler Hampton (Jeremy London) - the Associate Pastor of the Glen Oak Community Church in seasons 7 and 8. He dates Roxanne and Paris Petrowski, but eventually adopts a child and moves away with a woman named Kendall.
  • Roxanne Richardson (Rachel Blanchard) - Kevin's partner, the object of much of Lucy's jealousy but later become close friends with Lucy and they set up girls-nights-out where Lucy tells Roxanne what's going on in her life with her husband, an old crush of Robbie Palmer, and Chandler Hampton's girlfriend. Later on, Roxanne reveals that she will be going to Iraq.
  • Ben Kinkirk (Geoff Stults) - introduced as Mary's fellow firefighting trainee in Buffalo, New York in the season 6 episode Relationships. Ben becomes interested in Mary while she is pondering Wilson's marriage proposal. They share a kiss in the first episode he appears, and this kiss seriously complicates matters for Mary. Geoff Stults guest stars as Ben in seven episodes of season 6. Thirteen episodes after Ben is introduced to the series, Ben's older brother Kevin, played by Geoff Stults' real-life brother George Stults, is introduced as a police officer. Geoff Stults goes on to star as Ben in season 7. Ben attends Kevin and Lucy's wedding in the episode We Do. Ben does not appear again until the 6th episode of season 9, Fathers. Ben appears in is the 18th episode of season 9, Honor Thy Mother. The last episode he appeared in was in season 11.
  • Sandy Jameson - Played by Haylie Duff, Sandy was introduced in the season 10 premiere of 7th Heaven as Simon's fiancée Rose's best friend. Martin had lost his virginity to Sandy the previous summer, and in the season opener Sandy reveals she might be pregnant. She turns out to be pregnant, and gives birth to a baby she names Aaron (after her grandfather and also quite possibly producer Aaron Spelling). In the tenth season finale, she had to speak with Simon about the baby's paternity.

Recurring CharactersEdit

Introduced in the 1st SeasonEdit

  • Jeff (Ryan Bittle) - Jeff first appeared in the pilot episode, "Anything You Want." He is Matt's best friend since age 6 and Mary's crush since age ten. While jogging with Lucy, Mary runs into him and Jeff asks her if she wants help with her foul shot. He later goes over to the Camden house and shoots baskets with Mary, while Matt spies on him. In the episode, "In the Blink of an Eye," Jeff asks Mary to go to a party with him, which Mary was not allow to, then he asked her to go to an R-rated movie in which Mary knew she was not allowed to go to. In "No Funerals and a Wedding" and attended the memorial service at the Camden's where he wanted to talk to Mary. Later, Lucy told him that she was sorry they broke up, even though Mary had not dumped him.
  • Gladys Bink (Eileen Brennan) - Mrs. Bink first appeared in the pilot episode, "Anything You Want" where Eric paid her to pretend she lost a lung, breathing on an oxygen, and trying to still smoke cigarettes. This trick made Matt quit smoking. Later, she appeared in "With a Little Help from My Friends" where Matt helped her with a few things around the house. However, when Matt did not want his parents to know he did not help Mrs. bink with getting her money on a high shelf. As a result, Mrs. Bink took a hard fall and ended up in the hospital. Later, Matt and Eric visited her. In "Dangerous Liaisons, Part 2" she visited Mary at the hospital and persuaded Annie's father to solve the problem by using her "ways." (i.e. lying) She has been a member of the Glen Oak Community Church for many years, and has a reputation of being an excellent fund raiser. She was diagnosed with cancer at the end of the 7th season. Chandler moved into here guest house, where he helped her with certain things. Chandler was the minister who married Gladys and Fred, who would be her 3rd husband. Fred's mother however, didn't approve of the marriage. She even confronted Eric with this.
  • Jenny Jackson (Alice Hirson) - Annie's mother. She was introduced in the pilot episode, "Anything You Want" when she came to Glen Oak to tell Annie that she had Leukemia. In the episode, "In the Blink of an Eye," after spending her final days living life to its fullest, (I.e. shopping for the family, drinking wine, flying first class, not watching her cholesterol) she passes away while staying with the Camdens. She tells Annie goodbye and disappears in her room. Her post-funeral and memorial occurred in "No Funerals and a Wedding." She resided in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Charles Jackson (Graham Jarvis) - Annie's father, who was introduced in the pilot episode, "Anything You Want." In the episode, "In the Blink of an Eye," he almost tells Simon that his moon rocks aren't real, and then receives them later and declares that he is lucky to have them. He quickly took off after Jenny's funeral in "No Funerals and a Wedding" because he did not want to fall apart. He ended up turning back from the airport and sat at the cemetery for a few hours before finally returning to the Camdens' house to apologize to Annie. In the same episode, it is revealed that he likes apple pie. He later appeared in "Dangerous Liaisons, part 1" where he introduced his new girlfriend, Ginger, to the Camdens. This angered Annie, but the problem was solved in "Dangerous Liaisons, part 2." He died of Alzheimers disease in a later season. He resided in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Renee Nicholson (Ashlee Levitch) - Introduced in the episode, "Family Secrets." Matt met her at the library two weeks prior to the episode, and befriender her. She is expecting a daughter with Lou. When Matt when over to her house to talk to her, he fell asleep on her couch and did not get back until 5:15 A.m. where he was then grounded for three weeks. She later joined the Glen Oak Community Church choir and sang a solo on Sunday. She went into labor in "No Funerals and a Wedding."
  • Jimmy Moon (Matthew Linville) - Introduced in the episode, "Family Secrets." Jimmy Moon is Lucy's first boyfriend. In the episode, "In the Blink of an Eye," he and Lucy go on their first date by watching a French film in the Camdens' living room. However, Eric messes this up by playing country songs. In "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil," he wanted to break up with Lucy because of a school class president election. He later withdrew followed by Lucy because they wanted to stay together. In "Happy's Valentine," he took Lucy, Simon, Nigel, Ruthie, and Lynn to the movies. He and Lucy saw a separate movie (a French film) for their first Valentine's together. His grades in science started to drop, and so Lucy told Mary to tutor him in "Faith, Hope and the Bottom Line." Lucy regretted this, because she thought that Mary was going to steal her boyfriend. The issue is resolved at the end of the episode. In "It's About George..." he meets John and Ruth Camden, who he declares to be the scariest people he ever met. He breaks up with Lucy in "Dangerous Liaisons, part 1" after she changed her hair color. Jimmy Moon later gets caught up in marijuana (when he is actually an informer for the police), and eventually is the defendant in a crime that Lucy was assigned to have jury duty on.
  • Mr. Nicholson (Cliff Bemus) - Introduced in the episode, "Family Secrets." He is the father of Renee, whom does not want anything to do with Renee. His wife left him years earlier. He later went to church where he listened to Renee sing. Later went with Lou to a comic book convention.
  • Lou - Introduced in the episode, "Family Secrets." He is the expectant father of Renee's daughter. He got a job at the pool hall and attended church the Sunday after getting invited by Eric. Later went to a comic book convention with Mr. Nicholson.
  • Lou's Brother - A motorcyclist who was looking for a job in "Family Secrets." Eric had mistaken him for his brother since they never met.
  • Bob (Michael Cutt) - A police officer whom Matt ran the Meals on Wheels van into in "In the Blink of an Eye."
  • Diana (Mindy Spence) - A girl whom Matt went out with in the episode, "In the Blink of an Eye" while on restriction. She spilled beer on Matt, while they were kissing, and Matt accidently backed the van into Officer Bob's police car. Her father yelled at Matt because he wrongly accused Matt of drinking.
  • Mr. Russell - A man who received a meal from the "meals on wheels" service.
  • Morgan Hamilton (Dorian Harewood) - A minister at Trinity Church. He first appeared in "No Funerals and a Wedding" where he attended Jenny Jackson's funeral. Reverend Morgan Hamilton is Eric's friend. In "The Color of God" his church was burnt to the ground by rascists and they were invited to stay at the Camdens. He spoke at Eric's church where his entire congregation attended the week after the church was burnt. He felt sad and angry, but was reileved when the Glen Oak Community Church gave him a fund to rebuild his church. H later appeared in "America's Most Wanted" where he rounded up all of the sthletes who stole items from the Varsity Cafe and brought them to the courthouse. This caused the manager of the restaurant to drop the charges. He later appeared in "Happy's Valentine" where he went camping with his wife, Eric, and Annie. He and Eric secretly called Sgt. Michaels to check the house and make sure everything is okay.
  • Patricia Hamilton (Olivia Brown) - First appeared in "No Funerals and a Wedding" where she attended Jenny Jackson's funeral. Patricia is Morgan's wife, and she is in her second marriage. When her church was burnt down she felt scared until she found out that the church would have a new security system with volunteer cops. They had some maritial problems during one of the last seasons but it was quickly solved. She later talked with Annie in "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil" about the car-jacking. She later appeared in "Happy's Valentine" where he went camping with her husband, Eric, and Annie. During the camping trip, her ex-husband called like usual, which drove Morgan crazy.
  • Steve Walker (Raphael Sbarge) - Susan's husband who first appeared in "No Funerals and a Wedding" where he attended Jenny Jackson's funeral. He was married once before and was not divorced until after his second marriage. Eric attepmted to council him.
  • Susan Walker (Leah Lail) - Steve's wife who first appeared in "No Funerals and a Wedding" where she attended Jenny Jackson's funeral. She suspected that Steve was having an affair. Eric attepmted to council her.
  • John Hamilton (Chaz Lamar Shepherd) - the oldest of Morgon and Patricia Hamilton's children who first appeared in "The Color of God." When his father's church was burnt down, he stayed in Matt's room. At first, the two were not real fond of each other, but this later changed. He later appeared in "America's Most Wanted" where he eye-witnessed Mary steal a glass from a restaurant as part of a team ritual. He appeared in "Happy's Valentine" where he brought a date to the Camdens' while his parents and Eric and Annie were out of town. He joined the wild party that Mary and Keesha's friends were throwing. He later becomes Matt's roommate. Chaz Lamar Shepherd stars as John in the 1999-2000 season.
  • Keesha Hamilton (Gabrielle Union) - the second oldest Hamilton child. She first appeared in "The Color of God" where she stayed in Lucy and Mary's room after her father's church was burnt down. Shee later appeared in "America's Most Wanted" where she eye-witnessed Mary steal a glass from a restaurant as part of a team ritual. She then appeared in "Happy's Valentine" where she attended a party that she wa spartial responsible for. She is a friend of Mary and Lucy's in a few episodes.
  • Nigel Hamilton (David Netter) - the third Hamilton child. He is a friend of Simon who first appeared in "The Color of God.". He had a racial comment said to him, in which Simon responded in violence, and result in suspension from school. He later appeared in "What Will People Say?" where he witnesses Simon's embarressing moment where his "love letter" was intercepted by a bully. He then appeared in "Happy's Valentine" where he went to a movie with Simon, Ruthie, Lynn, Lucy, and Jimmy. He and Simon got in trouble for throwing popcorn.
  • Lynn Hamilton (Camille Winbush) - the youngest of the Hamilton chilren and Ruthie's friend. She first appeared in "The Color of God." In "Happy's Valentine," she attended a movie with Simon, Nigel, Ruthie, Lucy, and Jimmy. She and Ruthie fell asleep while the movie was going on.
  • School Secirity Guard (James Nardini) - security guard at Simon and Nigel's school who appeared in "The Color of God." . He forced the Camden and Hamilton children to leave the school because he did not want vandalism on school property.
  • Mark (Mark Humphrey) - appeared in "The Color of God." He is a bully at Simon and Nigel's school who gave Nigel a racial remark. As a result, Simon punched him and got suspended. He later appeared in "What Will People Say?" where he read aloud Simon's "love letter" and made fun of him. Two days alter, he ripped his pants which let Simon off the hook.
  • Mrs. Mosely (Jean Hubbard) - a member of Morgon Hamilton's church who appeared in "The Color of God."
  • Mr. Roberts (Myles Abney) - a member of Morgon Hamilton's church who appeared in "The Color of God."
  • Henry Bernard (Michael Krawic) (Adam Sutton) - a friend of Eric's who went to school with him. He appeared in "Halloween." In 1964, during Halloween, he obtained a hat for Eric, but Eric was mislead to believe that he stole it, and alter punched him. Eric did not apologize until 32 years later.
  • Mike Mitchel (Richard Moll) - a man who was believed as scary until Lucy revealed the truth who appeared in "Halloween." He was a scrap metal artist until he had financial troubles. He then obtained a job by pumping gas at night. However, one night, two robbers attempted to rob the gas station, and shot Mike in the head. When Lucy first met him, she was stealing a pumpkin from his garden. When Lucy returned the pumpkin, she be friended him. Later, Jimmy Moon and two of his friends threw eggs at his house. Lucy then stooped them, and they apologized at the Halloween carnival at the church. Mike won the 3rd annual pumpkin carving contest, after deafeating two-time champ, Simon Camden.
  • Mrs. Warner (Lisa Long) - a teacher of Eric's who appeared in a flashback-dream in "Halloween."
  • Roxanne (Lori Heuring) - a girl whom Matt almost took to the Halloween dance when their was a dispute of costumes. She appeared in "Halloween."
  • Ashley (Mila Kunis) - a friend of Lucy's who appeared in "Saturday." She suspected that Jimmy's friend Steve liked her. When Jimmy denied this, she got upset and ran out of the Camden's house, which disappointed Lucy. She later appeared in "With a Little Help from My Friends" where she attended Lucy's 13th birthday party.
  • Susan Barret (Bridget Flanery) - a student who was tutored by Matt in "Saturday." She kissed him, which resulted in her father (Chuck Sloan) firing him.
  • Terry Daniels (Christian Campbell) - appeared in "Saturday." He is a drug rehab patient who was helped by Eric. He played pool with Eric at the pool hall a lot. He was kicked out of school for smoking, then sent to rehab. He dropped out of rehab, which angered his parents. Eric then tried to help more, and eventually Terry came to Eric saying that he was a loser. Eric told him that he was not, because he was asking for help. His parents are Tom (Granville Sloan) and Martha (Nancy Sinclair) Daniels.
  • Steve Cunningham - Jimmy Moon's best friend. He has a sister, Katie.
  • Captain Michaels (Christopher Michael) - first appeared in "Saturday" as a Sergeant where he found that Simon, Ruthie, and Happy were lost. He took them home, but discovered that no one wa sther. So, he took them to Mary's basketball game where he met with Eric. He later appeared in "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil" where he investigated the Camdens' car-jacking. In "Happy's Valentine," Eric and Morgon called him from a camping trip to check out the kids at the house. He caught his son with beer and sent him home thereby ending the wild party. He then notified Matt that Happy was hit by a car, and he took her to Abbott Animal Hospital. He was later promoted to Detective then to Captain. He works at the Glen Oak Police Department. In "Faith, Hope and the Bottom Line," he and Officer McGuire rushed over to the Camdens' after Ruthie called "911" because Simon was hiding in his room. He told Ruthie not to called that number unless it was an emergency. He was promoted to Police Chief of Glen Oak in season 11.
  • Corey Conway (Alicia Leigh Willis) - first appeared in "Saturday" as Mary's basketball teammate. She passed to Mary who eventually won the game after being commended by Annie. Mary and Corey were good friends until she begans to date Wilson Mary's long time flame. Corey has a daughter as a teen. Wilson and Corey are married as we hear from Wilson in the 9 season's episode Fathers
  • Abby Morris (Faye Grant) - appeared in "What Will People Say?" She is a woman who was counseled by Eric after she told him that her husband, Jake, abused her. She even broke both of her ribs. She stayed at a hotel, where the management there kept her safe. At the end of the episode, she revealed that she was moving to New York City to be with her sister.
  • Jake Morris (Erich Anderson) - Abby's husband who abuses her. He was arrested at the end of "What Will People Say?"
  • Mrs. Beeker (Edie McClurg) - a congregation member of Glen Oak Community Church. She first appeared in "What Will People Say?"
  • Gabrielle - a girl whom Simon claimed he "loved" in "What Will People Say?"
  • Richard (Johnny Green) - a boy whom Mary like in "What Will People Say?" He is a football player, and he played catch with MAry. They later went on a study date, where Richard procrastinated his studies. It was alter revealed that he has trouble reading. Annie recommended him to a tutor.
  • Mrs. Hinkle (Peg Phillips) - Glen Oak Community Church organ player who retired in "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil." It was said that she played the organ as if she had mittens on her hands.
  • Choir Master (Nick McGuire) - directs the Glen Oak Community Church choir. Appeared in "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil" where he wanted Mrs. Hinkle to be fired.
  • Officer McQuire (Michael Cutt) - One of the officers who investigated the crime where Annie and Matt were car-jacked in "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil." He also appeared in "Faith, Hope and the Bottom Line" when he and Sgt. Michaels rushed over to the Camdens' when Ruthie called "911."
  • Julie Camden-Hastings (Deborah Raffin) - Eric's younger sister who first appeared in "The Last Call for Aunt Julie." In that episode, she flew in from New York City to stay with the Camdens' for Thanksgiving. She drank liquor while there and eventually got to the point where, while Simon was playing "Batman" he took the keys and said that he was to return them to Gotham City. Julie wrestled with him and swore in his face. This upset Annie and later the rest of the family. Eric kept here in a room in the Camdens' house to help her recover for the first few days. She even tried to get Matt to bring her a beer, which resulted in hatred. She later got into a rehab center and recovered. In a later season, she married a doctor and had a daughter named Erica. She is released from rehab in the episode "It's About George..." She almost had a drink because she felt she needed it, when Matt told her that she needed her father. She strengthened her relationship with her father afterward.
  • Mindy Clayborne (Melonie Hall) - a girl whom Matt wanted to go out with to a ski trip during Thanksgiving 1996. Appeared in "The Last Call for Aunt Julie."
  • Jack (Allen Perada) - a man whom Julie met at a bar when she was at her lowest point of alcoholism. Appeared in "The Last Call for Aunt Julie."
  • Tia Jackson (Tamara Mello) - Matt's girlfriend in "Now You See Me." Her parents, Bob (David Purdham) and Ellen (Rebecca Balding) Jackson, were divorced, which made her feel as if no one cared. Her father immedientally started to have dates after the divorce that stayed with him throughout the night. Tia befriended the Camdens' which eventually led Eric to get her parents together and have Tia tell them how she felt.
  • Kristin (Allegra Growdon) - the sister of a girl whom Matt previously dated. She owns a gym for gymnastics. Appeared in "Now You See Me."
  • Katie Cunningham (Michelle Casey) - appeared in "With a Little Help from My Friends" her father lost his job and they were living in their van. Eric tried to help and eventually, her family lived in Mrs. Bink's garage. Her brother is Steve, who is Jimmy Moon's best friend.
  • Dwight Jefferson (Jason Davis - appeared in "With a Little Help from My Friends" where he contributed to Lucy's 13th birthday surprise. In "America's Most Wanted," he told Lucy that he was in love with her, which upset her. In "Happy's Valentine," his mother (Pat Lentz) brought Happy's puppies home to him after adopting them.
  • Mr. Ryland (Michael McGuire) - manager of the Varsity Cafe. He appeared in "America's Most Wanted" where he got Matt arrested and eventually to court since Matt took the blame for Mary's theft. He later dropped the charges.
  • Judge Julie Carnes (Nancy Moonves) - a judge in Glen Oak who appeared in "America's Most Wanted."
  • Mrs. Romero (Yolanda Lloyd Delgado) - a Hispanic immigrant who babysat Simon in Ruthie in "America's Most Wanted." She taught Ruthie the National Anthem.
  • Mrs. Penn (Carol Locatell) - Lucy's 8th grade history teacher who appeared in "America's Most Wanted."
  • Coach Mayfield (Ken Kerman) - a coach of a team at a Glen Oak School who appeared in "America's Most Wanted." He had appearances throughout the series.
  • John "The Colonel" Camden (Peter Graves) - Eric's father, who used to be in the Marines. He was a Colonel in the Korean War and was evacuated for an unknown explanation in 1953. He met Ruth the same year and they had Eric before getting married. He first appeared in "Seven Is Enough" where he and Ruth want on their annual visit to the Camdens. On their annual visit, they usually bring candy that the Camden kids dislike. During their 1996 visit, they go to a hardware store with Annie, Mary, and Lucy. The cashier, Emma, has rings that are a replica of Annie's stolen ones. She suspected this but then excused this thought. John went to see Eric at the church and was forced to put a cigar away because of a church rule. He suspected someone was in the room, and sure enough, a homeless orphan named George was hiding there. John and Ruth adopted him after Eric let them. He later appears in "It's About George..." where George's father wants his son back. He did not want this to happen, so he was willing to sue. Eric later creates a compromise and he accepts. He also met Jimmy Moon in this episode, where he and Ruth scared him, but later apologized. He thought that Julie hated him and that he lost all of his children. Julie later confronts him and tells him that she loves him.
  • Ruth Camden (Barbara Rush) - Eric's mother. She first appeared in "Seven Is Enough" on an annual trip to the Camdens. She gave Lucy the first letter that John gave to her and both Mary and Lucy read it. She and John later adopted George at the end of the episode. In "It's About George..." she hears that George's father wants him back, and gets upset. She blamed Julie for this, but then apologized. She also met Jimmy Moon in this episode, where she and John scared him, but later apologized.
  • George Grayson (Camden) (Sam Saletta) - A homeless orphan who went from foster home to foster home until he was found in Eric's office. At first, Eric and Annie wanted to adopt him, but John and Ruth became his adopted parents, thereby becoming Eric's brother. In "It's About George..." he meets his real father. He gets upset and would rather live at the orphanage. His dad later moves in with him, at John and Ruth's in Buffalo. In "Tit for Tat," it is revealed that he is a private in the army and went to Iraq. It was also revealed that he married Jane, who ironically had stayed at the Camdens.
  • Emma (Annie Abbott) - a cashier at a Glen Oak hardware store who was mistakenly wearing Annie's rings as a neckless from her son. She appeared in "Seven is Enough" and Matt received the rings at the end of the episode.
  • Rick Michaels (Jason Olive) - Captain Michaels son who appeared in "Happy's Valentine." He was drinking beer at a party at the Camdens' while Eric and Annie were out of town. Sgt. Michaels stopped the party and he was to return home. It was later revealed that he went to law school and had a kid.
  • Michael Towner (Don Jeffcoat) - appeared in "Brave New World" where he wrote an inappropriate comment regarding Mary in the men's restroom. As a result, Mary pushed his head in the toilet and flushed. They got in trouble with the principal, and the issue was later resolved. He alter appeared in "Dangerous Liaisons, part 1" where he harassed Mary's date, Wilson West. In "Dangerous Liaisons, part 2" it is revealed that it was she who hit Mary in his car. He says it was accidental, and Eric and Annie did not press charges. However, he got in a fight with Matt in school which later resulted in him apologizing to Mary.
  • Suzanne Sanders (Rachel Crane) - Lucy's best friend, who appeared in "Brave New World." Her parents were divorced, and she chose to live with her mother, Pam Sanders (Brynn Thayer) who worked two jobs to support Suzanne. Her father, Bill Sanders (James Read) did not pay child support as a reult of her not choosing to live with him. Eric stepped in and helped Suzanne and her mom by talking to Bill about paying support to get them out of a crime area of Glen Oak. She later appeared in "Say Good-bye" where she told Lucy that her mom got a job. However, the job was two hours away and she had to move away.
  • Skyler - a friend of Ruthie's who claimed to be a super hero. It was later revealed that he paracticed martial arts. He has an older sister.
  • Mr. Naki (William Forward) - Lucy and Suzanne's chemistry teacher who appeared in "Brave New World."
  • Ms. Russell (Nancy Lee Grahn) - Ruthie and Skyler's teacher who appeared in "Brave New World." It can be inferred that she had all the previous Camdens because of a comment she made.
  • Tom Harrison (Paul Johansson) - a man who worked as the associate minister at Glen Oak Community church for two years. He later lived in Denvor but came back to Glen Oak in the episode, "Choices." He had a seizure while in church, which lead him to want to take his life because he said he had epilepsy. Eric boosted his confidence, and he felt better.
  • Camille (Keri Russell) - a girl whom Mary befriended in detention. She appeared in "Choices" where she invited Mary to a fraternity party and stole a dress for her. She was under the influence and Matt took Mary and Camille home later in the episode.
  • Max (Scott Gurney) - Mary's "date" at the party Camille invited her to. He drank throughout the entire party.
  • Ron Kramer (Greg Evigan) - an ex-convict whom appeared in "Faith, Hope and the Bottom Line." He worked for a bank, and used that to his advantage to improve his financial troubles. He went through a few programs, before finally applying for a job at Glen Oak Community Church as the organ player. Only Eric had faith in him, and he was hired at the end of the episode.
  • Lou Dalton (Alan Fudge) - works for Glen Oak Community Church. He first appeared in "Faith, Hope and the Bottom Line" where he did not like the fact that Eric was going to hire an ex-convict to work as the new organ player (since Mrs. Hinkles retired). He later said that he would wait and see what happens, thereby giving the organ player a chance. He resigned as head of the deacons and moved away from Glen Oak in the eleventh season.
  • Marv - works at Glen Oak Community church.
  • Will Grayson (William Katt) - appeared in "It's About George..." He was a detective in 1986, who testified in a court which resulted him into leaving the country. He had a son whom his wife had after dying while in labor. He set his child up for adoption and fled the country. Ten years later, he returns to the United States and confronts Eric. It is revealed that he is the father of George. He later meets George and is offered a home with John and Ruth Camden. He gives Julie a ride to Buffalo, New York where they will all reside.
  • Rachel - Annie's best friend from high school who appeared in "Say Good-bye." She went through two divorces, and came to Glen Oak in this episode where she reunited with Annie. She hit on Matt and lied to Annie saying it was the opposite way. This was later resolved, which angered Annie.
  • Huey - Ruthie's imaginary friend who was mentioned in "Say Good-bye." According to Ruthie, he used to load luggage at the airport, but he hurt his back. He has a wife who is an astronaut. In "Say good-bye," Simon "sat on him" which made Ruthie declare that he disappeared. Simon went to the trouble to "bring him back" but it did not work. Ruthie wanted a good bye party for him, and at the end, he returned. Ruthie said he likes Eric the most because he believes in him.
  • Ginger - Charles Jackson's girlfriend, whom he met three months after Jenny's death. She first appeared in "Dangerous Liaisons, part 1" where she was introduced to the Camden family. However, Annie said she hated her. She makes peace with Annie in "Dangerous Liaisons, part 2."
  • Heather Cain (Andrea Ferrell) - a deaf girl whom Matt saw at the airport in "Dangerous Liaisons, part 1." Matt wanted change for a dollar (to call and tell his mother that his grandfathers' plane was delayed) but did not get it. He went over to her house and met her and her mother, Donna Cain (Meg Wittner). They went on their first date the following night, but when Heather was made fun of, she ran out of the party. In "Dangerous Liaisons, part 2," Eric "lures" Matt to a cafe in which deaf people work and eat. HE meets Heather there and they eventually apologize and say they want to get to know each other.
  • Wilson West (Andrew Keegan) - first appeared in "Dangerous Liaisons, part 1." He met Mary at the park and asked her out. At first, Eric tried to do anything he could to prevent their date, but he later found out that he knows his father. Wilson took Mary to Eddie's Pool Hall where they played pinball and pool. Michael Towner and a couple of his friends harassed him, which ended his date with Mary. He came to church the following Sunday where he apologized to Mary. He has a son called Billy, whose mother died before Mary met them both. "Dangerous Liaisons, part 2," Mary's parents find out about Wilson being a father. Mary dated Wilson a few times, including when she was sent to Buffalo, New York to live with her Grandparents. But they broke up when Wilson caught her kissing another guy, Ben Kinkirk.
  • Billy - Wilson's son who appeared in "Dangerous Liaisons, part 1." His father, Wilson, lied and said that Billy was his little brother in order to date Mary. Billy's mother is dead.
  • Dr. Robert Wolf (David A. Kimball) - Mary's doctor who supervised her through surgery and recovery after she was hit by a car. He told Eric that she may not be able to play basketball again, which Annie denied.

Other recurring charactersEdit

  • Carlos Rivera (Carlos Ponce) - Carlos becomes Mary's husband in season 8 after a guest appearance five seasons earlier in the episode Here Comes Santa Claus. While Jessica Biel was absent from the show, her character of Mary continued with the help of Carlos - Mary and Carlos even had a son, Charles Miguel, without Mary ever appearing. Although Mary filed for divorce from Carlos and even signed away custody of her son in the 2 part season 9 finale, by the season 10 finale Carlos and Mary are back together and are expecting twin girls.
  • Patty-Mary Kinkirk (Natalie Ramsey) - Ben and Kevin Kinkirk's younger sister. She is first introduced in Season 6 as a student studying in San Francisco.
  • Deena Stewart (Nicole Cherié) - Saletta as Simon's ex-girlfriend.
  • Cheryl - is Robbie's ex-grilfriend, whom he almost married.
  • Andrew Nayloss - Andrew was the boy that Lucy did not like at first but then he moved away and he had a child and Lucy was heartbroken.
  • Meredith Davis- Martin's ex-girlfriend she broke up with him after he told her about Sandy and the baby. Meredith and her brother and two sisters were adopted by Cecilia's parents. Cecilia was Simon's and Martin's ex-girlfriend.
  • Beau Brewer - Martin Brewer's father, served in Iraq. When he came home for three days, he did not speak to Martin until the last day. During those days, he manages to "convince" Roxanne's perspective of the war. He has a hard time talking to Martin before he leaves, because it may be his last conversation.
  • Mike Pierce - Lucy's ex-boyfriend who tried to commit suicide and as a result, his mother became mentally disturbed until he helped talk her out of it with Lucy's help.
  • Luke - Simon's friend
  • Pete - Johnney's uncle; the owner of Pete's Pizza.
  • Frankie - Mary's friend who got in trouble for drinking, has a daughter named Mercy, has a husband named Johnney, and skipped college.
  • Johnney - Frankie's husband; Pete's nephew.
  • Mercy - Frankie and Johnney's daughter.
  • Jim - A friend of Simon's.
  • Jim's cousin - Pierced Simon's ear.
  • Murphy Girls (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) - They went out on a double date with Simon and his friend Luke. They did many bad things such as shoplifting, running out on checks, and sneaking into a movie. They got in trouble with Captain Michaels, and had to pay what they owed everybody.
  • Savannah Kinkirk - Born in the season 9 episode Paper or Plastic? (which aired on January 24, 2005), Savannah is Kevin and Lucy's only child. She is named after Savannah, Georgia, where Kevin and Lucy went on their honeymoon. She was born in an elevator.
  • George Orfield - a politition whom John criticized for stealing the words of African American writers, then later found out that Orfield's speeches are written by a female African American.
  • Ronald Palmer - Robbie's brother who dates Lucy in one episode.
  • Betsy Brewer - Martin's aunt with whom he was staying in Glen Oak while his dad was off fighting for their country
  • Charles Miguel Rivera - Mary and Carlos's baby boy named after Carlos's & Mary's Grandfathers who've passed away.
  • Ginger Jackson - Charles Jackson's (Annie's dad)'s second wife whom he married although Annie did not approve.
  • Mrs. Pierce - Mike Pierce's mother who becomes mentally disturbed after her son tried to commit suicide but is then healed with the words of his son and the help of Lucy.
  • Mr. Pierce - Mike Pierce's father; committed suicide.
  • Will (Usher) - works as a radio host a a local Glen Oak college.
  • Carl - He wanted to kill himself and talked about it in the University Radio Station where Eric got a job after quitting the church temporary.
  • Emily Cooper - Carl's ex-girlfriend, she was the reason why he wanted to kill himself.
  • Detective Richardson - Roxanne's father who greatly dislikes Chandler dating her. He confronted the man who shot his wife in a store and killed him which created controversy with his job. Roxanne even quit the police force for a little while as a result of this.
  • Andrew Hampton - Chandler's father, who died of lung cancer. Chandler and his father had a very bad relationship until Chandler visits him in New York to make peace with him before he dies.
  • Edie Hampton - Chandler's mother.
  • Sid Hampton - Chandler's twin brother who had and has alcohol and drug problems.
  • George Smith - Cecilia's father. He never married his wife, and never told Cecilia this fact. After 20 years, Reverend Eric Camden married them in his office.
  • Walter - Cecilia's godfather and Mr. Smith's close friend until Simon catches him stealing from Mr. Smith. Trying to bribe Simon with the stolen money did not work, so he tells Mr. Smith that Simon is guilty until Mr. Smith searches and confirms the truth after being convinced by the faith of Cecilia.
  • Ashley - Lucy's friend.
  • Ashley's mother
  • Haley - Captain Michael's granddaughter, a.k.a. Houdini.
  • Dick - Paris Petrowski's ex-boyfriend whom she almost married, until Peter was supspicious.
  • Paul Smith - The kid Simon ran over and killed accidentally. We find out that Paul was under the influence of drugs on the night of his death.
  • Justin Smith - Paul Smith's brother. Simon killed Paul in a car accident and Justin decided to make Simon's life harder. He wrote on the church's wall "Thou should not kill" and told Simon that he would kill him. It is soon evident that Justin is responsible for getting his brother high on the night of the accident and just could not accept it. After a year he is over it and tells Simon that he forgave him.
  • Don and Anne Smith - Paul and Justin's parents, who dropped the charges held against Simon after their son was killed.
  • Paris Petrowski - Peter Petrovski's mother they lived some blocks from the Camdens and Ruthie dated Peter. Paris dated once Ben Kinkirk, Lucy's brother-in-law. Later she goes out with Chandler and it seems they will stay together, until her ex-husband appears. She decides to give him another chance and they move away. Later on it is told that she is pregnant.
  • Nick - A recovering alcoholic, father of Alfred whom didn't want anything to do with his father until Peter intervined.
  • Alice Miller - Alice disappeared one day from school and the police called Reverend Camden to find out if the principal knows something as Alice's parents say. Later we find out that the principal wanted to help her because she and earlier her brother were raped by their father.
  • Griffith Miller - Alice Miller's brother.
  • Ms. Jones - Principle at Kennedy High School.
  • Nurse Kelly
  • Dr. Norton
  • Dr. Lisa Sterling
  • Mr. McNeil - A patient of Matt's.
  • Marie Martin - A patient of Matt's.
  • Pamela - A patient of Matt's.
  • "Napoleon" - A man convinced that he is Napoleon Bonaparte. He was a patient of Sarah's.
  • Rabbi Richard Glass - The father of Sarah. He didn't like Matt at first because he wasn't Jewish.
  • Rosina Glass - Sarah's mother.
  • Mindy Kinkirk - Kevin's first wife, she thought she is pregnant while they finished high school so they married but soon she found out she was not so they divorced.
  • George Vickery "Vic" Petrowski - Peter's father, who is a recovering alcoholic. He works as a college art teacher.
  • Coach Terry Hardwick - Martin's baseball coach.
  • Dr. Hank Hastings - Was Annie's doctor when she was pregnant with Hank, a pregnancy that almost ended in devestation. When she first found out that Dr. Hastings was back in the hospital with the twins Annie was frantic. In the end, though, Annie ordered Dr. Hastings to be there after the doctors were ordering a C-section and she wanted a natural birth. After all this drama, Dr. Hastings marries Eric's sister, Julie. They have two children: Erica and an unnamed son.
  • Lily Jackson - Annie's half sister.
  • Angela - Pete's niece, whom Chandler thought was an Angel leading him to Jeffery.
  • Jeffery - Chandler's adopted son.
  • Mr. Suggs - A neighbor of the Camdens'.
  • Mac - Martin's best friend. He was dating Pam when he first appeared in the series. He rented an apartment with Jane and Margaret in season 11.

Introduced in the 9th SeasonEdit

  • Georgia Huffington - Simon's ex-girlfriend who shared an intimate relationship with him.
  • Christine Davis - Went to college with Simon. Sister of Meredith Davis.
  • Mrs. Davis - Mother of the Davis children, she is an alcoholic who kept on refusing to give up her children, even though they all were in separate foster homes excludign the oldest, Christine.
  • Vincent - Ruthie's first date and the person she had her first kiss with. He broke up with her twice.

Introduced in the 10th SeasonEdit

  • Jack (Garrett Strommen) - an older guy the Ruthie liked and almost dated.
  • Aaron Jameson-Brewer - The son of Martin Brewer and Sandy Jameson.
  • Umberto - Rose's ex-boyfriend whom almost married Rose. He kept on trying to get Rose back whilest she was preparing to marry Simon.

Introduced in the 11th SeasonEdit

  • Daniel (Aaron Staton) - Sandy's friend at school, who was introduced in "Turn, Turn, Turn." He later tells Sandy that he is in love with her, and wants to be her boyfriend. This upsets Sandy, and so she calls Rev. Camden for advice. He is mentioned in "You Take the High Road," where Sandy desperately tries to break up with him by gettiong advice from Lucy.
  • Jewel (Jewel Kilcher) - Lucy and Kevin's next door neighbor, who is a singer. She continued to play a song every night, in which Lucy complained it was keeping Savannah up. Later, though, she insists that Kevin tells Jewel to sing the song again so that Savannah can fall asleep. She appeared in "Turn, Turn, Turn."
  • Theodore "T-Bone" Alan Jr. (Colton James) - A sixteen year old who works as the ticket man at the Movie Theater in the prominade. He was introduced in "And Tonight's Specials Are..." when he had pizza with Lucy, which upset Kevin. Two months prior to his stay at the Camden's, T-Bone breaks into Glen Oak Community Church to sleep and use the bathroom, since his father is dead, and his mother has ran away. Upon staying at the Camdens, T-Bone told Eric that he vaguely knows about what is going on with his health. In "You Take the High Road" he stays at Kevin and Lucy's while Eric and Annie are on a trip to seen Ruthie in Scotland. In "Thanks and Giving," he and Jane insisted that a salesman donate a bed for Eric and Annie. They both like it, but did not know that it was donated. In "You Do not Know What You've Got 'Til He's Gone" he reveals that he likes Ruthie and kisses her. They kiss a few times in the episode. Eric and Annie are glad that she has found a possible boyfriend, of whom they approve of. In "Can I Just Get Something to Eat" he works with Ruthie on a research project about Darfur. In "Deacon Blues", he and Ruthie discuss the topic of having sex. Kevin threatens him not to do it, and when Annie finds out, they are stopped. In "Tit for Tat" Ruthie convinces him to get tattoos. He did, but only a small one on his ankle. He warned Ruthie that he has a fear of sharp objects.
  • Ms. Margo (Rachel Boston) - Sam and David's teacher who first appeared in "A Pain in the Neck." She felt attracted to Eric, forcing Sam and David to tell her that Eric is their grandfather. This was soon resolved, and Ms. Margo then asked to go out for dinner with Eric and the twins. Eric resisted her advances, and ended up taking Sam and David out of the school. Ben tried hitting on her that same day. Later, she popped up at the Camden's door, much to the annoyance of Eric.
  • Ms. Fitzhenry (Veronica Cartwright) - Sam and David's principal. She refused to switch Sam and David's teacher when Ms. Margo hit on Eric.
  • Stanley Sunday (Keith David) - A homeless man seen in the promonade. He was first seen at the hospital, where he went in for testing. Lucy was suppose to visit him, but she could not make it, and Eric went in his place. Stanley ended up convincing Eric to give him his coat, although Eric was hesitant. He appeared in the next episode where Kevin went to him to get some information about what Eric did at the hospital. Stanley convinced Kevin to give up his shoes and pants. In "You Do not Know What You've Got 'Til He's Gone" Stanley encounters Eric just as he is leaving to go home and asked him if he asked God to let him live. In "Christmas!" it is revealed that Stanley is one of Eric's guardian angels. He was there when Eric was brought to heaven.
  • Dr. Tsegaye (Ron Canada) - Stanley's doctor. He tested Eric at the hospital, with results that have not been revealed yet; Kevin talked to him to try and get this particular information.
  • Board of Education Man (Ian Gomez) - He gave Eric the paper work in order to let him homeschool Sam and David. He majored in psychology and is a graduate of Harvard University. He sensed what was going on with Eric and Ms. Margo.
  • Jesus and Mom - David's hamster. He had heart problems and it cost Eric $732 for the tests; He turned out to be fine, however. Mom is Sam's hamster.
  • Jane (Sarah Mason) - a homeless girl who stays at the Camdens'. Her father left her mother, and her mother met a man on the internet who lives with them, but threatened to harm Jane, causing her to run away from home. She tried to get a room at the home for teenage mothers (despite not actually being pregnant), but Lucy turned her down. She then went to Rev. Camden, and he let her and her friend stay in the garage apartment. She got a job at the Dairy Shack in "Broken Hearts and Promises." In "You Take the High Road" it is revealed that she was married to a soldier (It is revealed in "Tit for Tat" that she married George, Eric's adopted brother) three weeks prior to the episode's events, then tried to hide from her husband. She later resolved this issue with the help of Kevin. She tried to divorce her husband in "And I will Take the Low Road." However, he did not show up. While arguing with T-Bone about his mother coming to see him, she blurted out Eric's heart problems in the promenade. In "Thanks and Giving," she and T-Bone insisted that a salesman donate a bed for Eric and Annie. They both like it, but did not know that it was donated.
  • Margaret (Andrea Morris) - Jane's very shy friend. She got highly emotional when Annie called the paramedics because she thought something was wrong with Eric. She got a job at the Dairy Shack in "Broken Hearts and Promises." She reveals to T-Bone in "You Take the High Road" that Jane called his mother and she is coming to see him. She later revealed her past in "And I will Take the Low Road." Her father abused her mother and so she ended up going from home to home. She did not want to say the wrong thing and get abused so she became shy. In "Thanks and Giving," she helped Sam and David prepare the song, "This Land is Our Land" for Eric, Annie, and Ruthie's homecoming. In that epesode she revealed she wanted to teach PRE-K.
  • Ruthie's friend - appeared in "You Take the High Road." He is an exchange student in the same program as Ruthie. When Ruthie told him that she was worried her parents were coming he suggested that it might be a divorce. This lead Ruthie to jump to conclusions.
  • Jinny - T-Bone's mother who appeared in "And I will Take the Low Road." She was working at a hotel in Los Vegas and came to Glen Oak after Jane called her to find out more about her. She thought Kevin looked familiar and Kevin thought he saw her in jail. She agreed to T-Bone's emancipation.
  • Phil (Gary Kraus) - Appeared in "You Do not Know What You've Got 'Til He's Gone" where he was counseled by Eric and was told that he should solve his problems by trying to be more healthier.
  • Lindsay - counseled by Eric in "You Do not Know What You've Got 'Til He's Gone." She held a grudge against her brother for years and did not apologize to her brother until after she met with Eric.
  • Gertrude - Appeared in "Christmas!" She is one of Eric's guardian angels whom dealt with the paperwork for Eric continuing his life on Earth. Jenny says she is very experienced.
  • Angelica - Appeared in "Christmas!" She is on of Sam and David's gardian angels. She is also Gertrude's granddaughter.
  • Manny (Richard Whiten) - Appeared in "Christmas!" He is Lindsay's father whom drives a horse drawn carriage in heaven. He gave Eric and Jenny a ride and then thanked Eric for stepping in and settling a grudge between his children.
  • Mrs. Brewer - Martin's mother; (deceased). She appeared in "Christmas", when Eric went to Heaven.
  • Red - a World War II veteren who served in Germany. He was shot in battle and his friends would make him drink whiskey to let the pain go away. As a result, his face would turn red earning him a nickname. He constantly told this story to Eric to teach him a point. He has a pet crow, whom scared Eric and Lucy into think it was a sign when really the crow was looking for food.
  • Dr. Jonathan Sanders - a doctor whom Sandy dated in season eleven. He then proposed to her in which she said yes. This caused a conflict between Sandy and Martin.
  • Theodore "T-Bone" Alan "Al" - T-Bone's father who did not know that he had a son until T-Bone was 17 years old. In 1990, at age 21, he took a road trip with his friends from the east and traveled to Las Vegas, where he met Jinny whom he had a son with, T-Bone Jr. After this, he studied to become a dentist and became one. He bought a Harley Davidson motorcycle very recently before meeting his so nfor the first time. It was not until a 2007 trip to Las Vegas that he met Jinny again and found out that he had a son who was living in Glenoak, California.
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