• Superbionic 2009

    future couples

    July 29, 2016 by Superbionic 2009
    1. Charlie Rivera is married to Anna Garica
    2. Aaron Brewer is married to Savannah Kinkirk
    3. Virgil Ochoa is dating Emma Rivera
    4. Nolan Huston is dating Alice Rivera
    5. Daniel Camden is endgaged to Cindy Baldwin
    6. Michael Camden is dating Becky King
    7. Owen Johansen is dating Olivia Kinkirk
    8. Randy Rivera is dating Zoey West
    9. Steph Hampton is dating Kayla Palmer
    10. Eddie Clark is dating Victoria Kinkirk
    11.  Ian Brewer is dating Rebcca Camden
    12. Thomas Camden is dating Destiney Hamilton
    13. Gavin Camden is dating Chelsea Searles
    14. Noah Kinkirk was in a love triangle with his ex Holly Doyle and his best friend Justin Miler and now date Rachel Hampton
    15. Justin Miler is dating Holly Doyle
    16. Trevor Plamer is dating Catlin West
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  • Superbionic 2009


    June 13, 2016 by Superbionic 2009

    1. Matt -(53)
    2. Mary- (51)
    3. Lucy- (50)
    4. Simon -(47)
    5. Ruthie -(42)
    6. Sam -(34)
    7. David -(34)

    1. Jessica Harper Fransworth (30)- born April 5, 2003
    2. Trevor Kenneth Fransworth(28)- born January 4, 2005
    3. Daniel Richard Camden (26)-born August 15, 2006
    4. Michael Eric Camden (26) -born August 15, 2006
    5. Rebecca Anne Camden (23)- born November 23, 2009
    6. Laura Ruthie Camden (21)- born July 5,2011

    Jobs: Matt-obgyn, Shana - Pediatrician

    Notes:Daniel is the older twin. They Live in Glen Oak. Matt is a widow. Shana is divorce. Jessica and Trevor are Shana's kids. Daniel. Michael, Rebecca, and Laura are Matt's kids. Sarah die in 2014. Shana divorce in 2012.

    Pets: Chase-huskey, Tiger- tabby

    1. Charles "Charlie" Miguel Rivera (29)- born May 17, 2004
    2. Catherine Sonia Rivera  (26) -born July 9, 200…

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  • Paralie Marquena

    A movie...

    March 6, 2016 by Paralie Marquena

    Imagine a 7th Heaven movie 2017...

    Would they all come back?

    Would Stephen just come back as if nothing had happened or would he be recasted or written out?

    Would Happy still be alive as a world record dog?

    Would Ruthie still be portrayed as somewhat sexual?

    Would any child-now-adult buck the trends and be normal?

    The cast is certainly close enough, in big enough numbers, to do a movie!

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  • GlambertGirl84

    Whose idea was to do the right thing by sending Mary away to Buffalo to live with her grandparents, The Colonel and Grandma Ruth for her own good during season five since the episode, "Bye"? I don't think it was the right thing to do. They could have just kept her at home in Glenoak, to help her with her problems, give her help and advice from professional expert doctors, and give her job training and placement as the only way to help her make the money to pay back her brothers as well as her bills and debts. And needless to say, they could have continued to keep away from Frankie and Johnny instead of lifting the ban on her seeing them again.

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  • TeamEdwardFan

    Who's an admin?

    December 20, 2010 by TeamEdwardFan

    Any one know who the admin is?

    This wiki is pretty small and I think I could contribute better if I have more abilities on this wiki

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